BLProfile – New construction system for interior doors

We have created an innovation which replaces the conventional interior jamb.


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We are not a door manufacturer, we are perfectly well aware of all this world (about us).

Our product is only the profile and its accessories, and obviously its know-how.

The door and the moldings which are installed together with this profile have to be manufactured apart by an interior door manufacturer. 

The general concept is a breakdown of the door jamb into several elements that, once joined together, remain with an aesthetic very similar to the conventional jamb.

Due to this new concept, our solution offers certain features to the door very interesting as the reversible door, adaptable to the thickness of wall in the installation spot, …

Consequently, it offers competitive advantages at all levels of the distribution channel. From the door manufacturer to the final consumer, through the distributor and the installer.

We offer two different ways of installation. Depending on whether it is a reform or a traditional installation or, on the contrary, it is a new construction with drywalls made of laminated plasterboard.