Competitive advantages obtained with BLP

Do you want to know how BLP can help you? With these features, each company in the distribution channel obtains competitive advantages:


The manufacturers can increase sales of already-machined doors to the distributor. Imagine that all the doors have the same machining and you do not have different sizes of jambs. You could do high-volume production achieving scale economies.

A door manufacturer, theoretically, is more efficient at machining than a warehouse, which allows then to offer more competitive price obtaining also a higher profit.

With this solution the door manufacturer will see their margins increased without more the need to increase productions and logistics.


Optimizes storage through fewer references and allows demand to be met in real time because all stock is already machined and ready to go. How much space and investment are immobilized in a warehouse due to the numerous different references of jambs?

Beside this, there are always stock shortages of certain references and this may lead to the loss of orders because of the inability to respond to demand immediately. With our solution you reduce the jamb stock.

But there are another, greater advantage, the take-away machined door becomes a reality. With the conventional system it is necessary to stock not only left and right handed doors, but also all kits of jambs of every size and hand. An impossible investment to afford.

With our system, there is only one reference.


Immediate delivery and easy to follow step-by-step installation.

The fact that the warehouses have the ready-machined door allows to be despatched the material without delay. You only have to take the door from the pallet and select the appropriate profile and moldings.

In addition, our system is easier to install. Is not necessary to have a staple gun, nor milling machine, nor chisel. All you need is a drill and a miter saw. In fact, if you install the Cool Style, not even the miter saw is required.


Modern appearance only in a drywall installation.

If a door is installed without casings, the space becomes smoother and cleaner, all in the same colour.

Aesthetically beautiful.

To sum up, there are a lot of competitive advantages obtained with BLP