Applications and installation

BLP offers an innovative solution, but like all disruptive innovations, it requires a good explanation to understand better how to use it and how to install it.

We have the solution

Our profile can be installed with two different applications (Cool Style and Standard Style). We have developed 2 videos that show step-by-step  the installation process of BLP kits.


Our solution can be applied in 2 different installation processes with very different results.

Cool style

Neither pre-frame nor casings. Minimalist aesthetics


It is installed at the same time as the drywall, so the video begins with an empty space without walls.

The drywaller installs the BLP kit together with the studs (structure) of the drywall.

This solution once installed, offers a modern aesthetic because it does not require casings, leaving the entire frame integrated with the rest of the wall.

It is an aesthetically very minimalist, without edges and clear and clean lines.

This solution is faster and cheaper than the current system (pre-hung door) and includes many more features and advantages.

See the video that proves exactly this statement.

Here you can find step by step how to install the “Cool Style“:

Ask us for the complete installation diagram, if you are interested.

Standard style

With pre-frame and casings. Aesthetics similar to the current system.


It is installed in a wall hole already made (with preframe, previous door frame, drywall partition structure, …), so the video begins with a wall with a wooden preframe already installed.

The carpenter, or DIY installer, installs the BLP kit in this preframe and then the corresponding casings are installed to cover the preframe.

This solution, once installed, offers an aesthetic very similar to the current system (pre-hung door).

This solution offers many features and advantages more than the current system.

For example:

  • Reversible door
  • Adjustable in the installation to the thickness of the wall
  • Economies of scale in machining
  • Immediate availability

There is a video that compares our BLP solutions with the current system (pre-hung door).

Here you can find, step by step, how to install the “Standard Style“:

Ask us for the complete installation diagram, if you are interested.

Applications and installation process analysed can be applied for different types of openings

It is available with different types of doors:


  • Swinging doors

Swinging door, either simple composition (1 door) or double composition (2 doors).

Compatible with flush doors and rebated doors.

  • Sliding doors

With a modifications in the base profile, this system is available for pocket doors (sliding doors between walls), also either simple composition (1 door) or double composition (2 doors).

The main advantage that this system has compared with a conventional coating kit is that it allows the thickness of one side wall to be increased independently of the other side.

In this way, the problems of both off-centre coating kit and standard measures are solved.

Finally, in the bathrooms and kitchens, a tilled wall which ends in the door looks better than a wall with casings.