Our solution is available with two different installation processes with different results:

Standard Style

It is installed with preframe, then casings are attached to hide it.

Once installed, the design is much the same as the conventional jamb.

With preframe and casings

Cool Style

It is installed directly to the stud of the drywall, but without preframe.

Once installed, the coating molding could be of plaster board, in which case the casings are not necessary.

With this solution, the design is minimalist, without edges and smooth, clear and clean lines.

It is not possible in walls which are already have a preframe installed, unless the walls and preframe to be covered with plaster board hiding the existing brick wall.

Without preframe nor casings. Minimalist style

In addition, it is available with different types of doors:


  • Swinging doors

Swinging door, either simple composition (1 door) or double composition (2 doors).

Compatible with flush doors and rebated doors.

  • Sliding doors

With a modifications in the base profile, this system is available for pocket doors (sliding doors between walls), also either simple composition (1 door) or double composition (2 doors).

The main advantage that this system has compared with a conventional coating kit is that it allows the thickness of one side wall to be increased independently of the other side.

In this way, the problems of both off-centre coating kit and standard measures are solved.

Finally, in the bathrooms and kitchens, a tilled wall which ends in the door looks better than a wall with casings.