The concept

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The concept is based on a breakdown of the wood jamb into several independent parts:


The different parts of the BL Profile construction system
The different parts of the BL Profile construction system



Aluminium profile to which a rubber seal strip is attached and the rest of the parts are fitted.

It is the profile which is fitted on the spot, either to brickwall or drywall. Once all the elements are fitted in this profile, becomes almost undetectable.

A finer finish can be achieved by anodizing or applying a coat of paint to over the aluminium.

The vertical strips are joined by the horizontal strip via alienation squares, leaving a perfect union.


This molding is attached to the base profile and is machined together with the door.

In the most common installation this piece has a rectangular section, but depending on the hinger or others features, it may have another type of section. The thickness of this molding is determined by its housing in the base profile. The width is determined by the thickness of the door.

For example, a door of 35 mm goes with a molding of 50 mm and one of 40 mm goes with one of 55 mm.

Also, it is compatible with systems such as sitec or batex (joined system of moldings without nails), but then the width of this molding may change.


On the opposite side of the door-molding, extenders are cut on the spot as is necessary and are clipped to the base profile to be used as substructure.

These extenders are sold as a piece of 90*90*19 mm consisting of two parts:

an aluminium profile (which will be clipped to the base profile) and a wooden piece (which is attached to the aluminium profile) which can be cut on its opposite side to adapt it to the thickness of the wall.


This molding is cut on the spot as is necessary and is fitted into the base profile. In this way, the edge that has been cut slots into the socket and is supported by the extenders and hence is out of sight.

We start from a molding that is also stockable for other uses. The molding is cut longitudinally at the required size depending on the thickness of the wall.

This molding can have with the same finish as the door, or any other wall material finish such as HPL, tiles, plaster board, OSB, …

This opens up a whole range of new possibilities in decoration.


We have a very intuitive spreadsheet which helps you to obtain the exact sizes of the coating molding and extenders

Important note:

if this moldings are manufactured with water-repellent materials, we obtain an absolutely WATERPROOF  frame.